2016 Sweet Victory Challenge

Congratulations to the 2016 Sweet Victory Challenge winners!


Breakfast Category

First Place (for SVC Award and People’s Choice):
Lisa Speer ~ Palm Beach, FL
Maple Pecan Brioche French Toast w/Maple Whipped Cream


Savory Category

First Place: SVC Award
Laurie Lufkin ~ Essex, MA
Pan Seared Maple Orange Glazed Scallops w/ Wilted Bacon Escarole & Creamy Polenta

First Place: People’s Choice Award
Carlene Carter ~ Lincoln, IL
Maple Pulled Pork w/Root Vegetable Slaw and Maple Mayonnaise


Dessert Category

First Place: SVC Award
Roxanne Chan ~ Albany, CA
Mascarpone Maple Mouse w/Fruit n’ Nut Topping

First Place: People’s Choice
Paula Marchesi ~ Lenhartsville, PA
Salty Maple cashew Nut Pie



The 2016 Sweet Victory Challenge was held March 05, 2016 at Brown County State Park, Indiana in the Allison Room of Abe Martin Lodge. There were two award categories: SVC Award & People’s Choice Award.


SVC Award
The SVC Award was selected by a panel of eight judges. First place was a KitchenAid Mixer. Second place was a KitchenAid Food Processor.

People’s Choice Award
The People’s Choice award was selected by a panel of 25 Judges. First place was a Sweet Victory inspired trophy created by Brown County Artisan Jim Lawrence from Lawrence Family Glass Blowers.